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  Your new release with the DropMusiX platform and app : "Making the right first impression"

It all starts with a song.

You write a song, or you find a song; the song moves you and you want it to move the world. So you record and distribute that song as a single to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.  

Once the song is available, anything could happen. The music could change the world, it could wow a few people, or it could go completely ignored. Of course, chance always plays a part, but the outcome is partially in your own hands.

The benefits and challenges of releasing singles in 2019.

The good news: We’re living in an age of singles, and there are tons of ways to put one song to work.

The bad news: Every other artist has a new single to promote too, so you can’t just drop a song into the world and expect it to reach people without some effort and advance planning.

All this to say, there’s a lot more to releasing a single than just throwing it up on SoundCloud or Bandcamp. There’s a lot more to it than distributing your single worldwide via CD Baby too.

You need to first consider the strategy behind the release of your single:

  • How are you going to attract listeners, encourage streams, and drive downloads?
  • How is the launch of this single going to enhance your relationship with your audience?
  • How will this song help you get to the next level in your music career?
  • How does a single help you tell a little bit more of your artist story?
  • How do you position your single to capitalize on streaming tools and algorithmic traction?

You should also weigh the pros and cons of releasing standalone songs.

As artists, we’re dealing in “attention economics.” Gone are the days when you could disappear for three years to make your next album and expect fans to stay loyal. In our world of short attention spans, releasing music more frequently can play a significant factor in your success.  (Source: DIY Musicians)

DropMusiX is a new streaming platform for original content for musicians and recording artists and their fans to enjoy! You can make the right first impression with your music. DropMusiX will change the way artist and musicians release their music. DropMusiX is live virtual audience who will tune in to watch or listen to your new release remotely anytime, anywhere around the world! A physical and virtual showcase and sound stage with a live audience reviewing your new release and giving feedback.

DropMusiX Post New Release


DropMusiX will create a new platform and an ecosystem to enable musicians, and recording artist to upload their music for wider distribution online, television, radio, and live streaming. DropMusiX will allow musicians and recording artist to protect their IP material for download and subscription for their fans to listen and watch anytime and anywhere in the world. Fans will pay a nominal fee to access the musician and recording artist content, and the ability to share music content.

DropMusiX website and app will provide a preview and sampling of the artist music, with the option to listen or watch content completely in its entirety by paying a subscription fee. The artist music will broadcast on strategic partners platforms like TEMPO (cable television), iYAP (live streaming), Kalalloo (The Marketplace) and radio stations. Artist will pay a subscription fee to store a single/multiple songs or an entire album. Fans will pay to access the content. DropMusiX will also be interactive with social media between the artist and their fans.

DropMusiX will be a peer-to-peer blockchain payment gateway e-commerce platform design mainly for fans to have unlimited or limited access to artist materials that are uploaded and stored in the database. Fans and the general public will be able to offer reviews on the artist music.

Subscribers to DropMusiX will have the capability to go live at any time, anywhere at a different type of events all in real-time with audience interaction, inviting their friends and others.

DropMusiX will provide the latest news, stories, insights, and trends with artist selfie-and interviews. 

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So are you ready to book and schedule your new release song to the world? We at DropMusiX are excited about introducing your new project and material to your fan and new audience. To learn more click on the find out more button below now.